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Deed vs. a Deed of Trust

When dealing with real estate, you may come across documents entitled deed, warranty deed, quit claim deed, special warranty deed and disclaimer deed. A deed transfers ownership from one party to another.  The various types of deeds have special conditions about the nature of what is transferred from one party to another. Quit Claim Deeds merely […]

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Military Veteran Benefits

Military veterans are entitled to many benefits that are generally not known to those veterans.  In order for veterans to become eligible for certain benefits, they have a certain maximum amount of assets that are held by them personally.  If their assets are held in a trust, then they can still become eligible for veteran’s […]

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40 Hours/Week & Overtime Pay

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) provides that people who are working over 40 hours per week are generally eligible for overtime pay, which is 1 1/2 times the normal hourly rate. The FLSA law is very complicated and not all people are eligible for overtime pay. Congress has made the law very imprecise so […]

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Keeping Photographic Records For Your Construction Business

It is important to keep detailed records if your business is in the construction industry. This is true for general contractors to sole proprietors installing carpeting on the weekends. Many disputes regarding work arise after the construction work is done. If the work you do is covered over by other work such as drywall, carpeting, […]

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The Need For Blood

It is not just vampires who have a need for blood.  Serious accidents and many surgical operations require human blood for the patient. There is no substitute for the human blood that is needed.  Organizations such as united blood services and American Red Cross accept donations of blood.  The reward that you get for giving blood […]

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