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Seller Financing and the Dodd-Frank Act

Seller financing is an option for buyers who do not qualify for traditional loans. Seller financing allows a property owner who owns his house free and clear to transfer title to the property and accept a mortgage for a substantial portion of the sale price rather than receiving all of the money in one lump […]

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The Rise of Residential Property Tax in Arizona

If you own property in Arizona, be aware that your property tax is about to increase. Legislatures, in large part influenced by lobbyists of large companies, are shifting the tax burden from large commercial properties to residential properties. Before going into detail, it is important to have at least a general understanding of the Arizona […]

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Notario or Lawyer?

Have you ever hired a Notario to prepare legal documents, or seen a business advertise as being a Notario? You should be aware of a growing problem in the southwestern United States where people are taking advantage of the language barrier in order to defraud clients by charging large sums of money for tasks that […]

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The Flight of the Rural Lawyer in Arizona

Are you from a rural area in Arizona and had to resort to hiring an attorney in the Phoenix area? This is the trend across the United States, including Arizona. It is inconvenient, time consuming, and more importantly, costs more money for legal representation. Next time you complain about having to travel fifteen minutes to […]

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In a Personal Injury Case, Household Services is a Part of the Calculation for Damages.

      One of the most overlooked damages to calculate is the calculation of household services damages. Damages are partially calculated by the loss of wages through lost income. Additional damages can be calculated by valuing the loss of household services. This is especially true when a permanent injury is involved and it prevents the injured […]

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