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Where To Store Original Will

You just got back from an attorney’s office and executed a last will and testament. You may have even printed off a will from the internet, made a few changes, and slapped your signature on it. You may believe that there is nothing further for you to do regarding the will, but that is not […]

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Mandatory Disclosures in Real Estate Transactions

Many are unaware, but individuals who are selling their real estate, sometimes even the seller’s real estate agent, have a duty to disclose certain information to the buyer, before completing the transaction. What exactly a seller must disclose is dependent on a number of factors. For instance, it depends on the location of the property, […]

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Identity Theft Statutes in Arizona

During the late 1990’s and early 2000’s, Arizona experienced a high volume of identity theft reports. In response to the increase, Arizona legislatures passed two bills that prohibited identity theft. In 2007, the state legislatures passed the Legal Arizona Workers act and in 2008, enacted the Employment of Unauthorized Aliens Act. Shortly after the laws […]

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How to Enforce Real Estate Covenants

One of the major factors that can substantially affect the use and value of real estate is the existence of covenants. Remarkably, there are many homeowners that either failed to read covenants at the time the real estate was purchased, or read them and have since forgotten about the content. There are many reasons why […]

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Defending against an ADA lawsuit

In recent years, there has been a flood of federal lawsuits filed against companies for violating the Americans with Disability act and the Arizonans with Disabilities Act. The overwhelming majority of these ADA lawsuits in Arizona are brought by three individuals; Theresa Brooke, Santiago Abreu, and Dameion Mosley. In the Complaint, the Plaintiff will refer […]

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