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Recent Changes to Joint Employment

Earlier this year, the Trump administration began rolling back policies that were implemented during the Obama administration. Some of these policies benefitted the employee who at one time, was being paid by two employers. Recently, Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta rescinded the Obama-era definition of what is considered a “joint employee”. A ‘joint employee” is an […]

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What To Do After a Car Accident

In 2015, 6.3 million motor vehicle accidents were reported to law enforcement officers.[1] As a result of those accidents, over 2.44 million people suffered some kind of injury. Even more concerning is the fact that 35,902 people died as a result of a car accident, a 7% increase from 2014. Whether the accident is a […]

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New Ways to Resolve Disputes with HOAs

Before 2011, if a homeowner and a Condominium Homeowners Associations or Planned Community Associations (together known as HOA) was involved in a dispute, the only avenue to resolve the dispute was through the civil court system. In 2011, Arizona lawmakers passed legislation that established alternative proceedings through the Arizona Department of Fire, Building, and Life […]

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Should you Dodge the Process Server ?

Almost everyone has heard the old adage “if they can’t find you, they can’t sue you” sometime in their life. Unfortunately, in civil cases, they do not need to find you and they can surely sue you. The plaintiff cannot only sue you, he or she can obtain a judgment against you without you even […]

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The Arizona Attorney General Looks to Thwart ADA Complaints

As a previous post discussed, there has been an influx of lawsuits against business owners, alleging violations of the Americans with Disability Act (ADA). These lawsuits are filed by a small number of attorneys and on behalf of a small number of “victims” or so called “testers”. These lawsuits are filed against large and small […]

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